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Women's Health

  • Statement on birth control and health services [download PDF.doc]
  • Above is the AAUW Texas statement on the Health & Human Services Commission's recent family planning decision intended for publicaton in letters to the editor. This is an official statement from AAUW-Texas and it is in conformance with national AAUW policy statements on the issue of reproductive health. Please do not alter the statement. If you would like to add local data, you can find the figures for Medicaid births in your county by going to the DSHS website -- -- choose Data & Reports; then choose Health Data; then choose CHS reports; then choose Texas Health Facts Profiles; then choose 2008; then choose your county. A fact sheet on your county will come up with a variety of health data for that year.       Dallas Morning News January editorial on the problems the Texas legislature has created by refusing Medicaid funds from the federal government for family planning.   It is anticipated that the birth rate, especially among low income women who will become eligible for Medicaid for pregnancy-related services, will go up significantly in this year and in the coming years.   These are unfortunately the same women who are the most adversely affected by SB5.


    Below is a PUBLIC POLICY statement concerning the recent Dallas ISD decision to hold a "Boy's Only" Field trip. It has been drafted by our state Public Policy Committee and Public Policy Chair, Rosemarie Herrmann. This editorial has been sent to Branch Presidents and Public Policy Chairs (if a Branch has a Public Policy person/committee) with the request that this document be submitted to the local newspapers (major, community, weekly) for publication and posted on and individual Branch websites.

    It may be submitted as an editorial or as an 'OP ED'/guest editorial. Also below are 2 different forms of this statement: 1) general, signed as the AAUW Texas Board and 2) the same letter, with the option of signing your our name or the name of your Branch. In the larger metropolitan areas, several Branches or Branch President may want to sign one statement.

    Because this is a Title IX issue and part of AAUW National Public Policy, and in light of the fact that Lisa Maatz, AAUW Public Policy, has already issued a statement on this issue, AAUW Texas is issuing this as an AAUW Texas official statement. Please do not amend it. If you as a private citizen want to write your own view point statement, that is your right, but this is an official position statement from AAUW Texas and supported by AAUW National. For more discussion, see AAUW Blog posting.

    Jeannie Best, AAUW Texas President
    Rosemarie Herrmann, AAUW Texas Public Policy Chair

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